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MyJobHelper's 20 Resources for Job Seekers

If you want to sharpen your job seeking skills, here are 20 resources that teach you the basics and offer inside information.

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7 Things You Must Know About Job Application Forms

Even if you have a resume and a cover letter prepared, you may still need to fill out an employer's form, either online or just before the interview.
Here are the essentials you need to know from Employment Spot.

40+ Ways to Do Better Interviews

Marc DeBoer, a veteran corporate recruiter and headhunter, founded A Better Interview, LLC in 2012. He gives you over 40 pertinent tips based on his own experience of interviewing and hiring thousands of people in a wide variety of jobs.
Read more here.

The Perfect Job Interview in 8 Simple Steps

Jeff Haden has interviewed thousand of candidates for positions ranging from entry-level to executive. He found that 75% of applicants make interviewing mistakes. He distills his advice for a flawless interview into 8 key principles.
Read his interview advice.

How To Ace The 50 Most Common Interview Questions

Practice your responses to the most commonly asked interview questions so you can outshine your competitors. Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes Magazine not only tells you all 50 questions, but she also gives specific guidance on how to practice your delivery.
Read about interview questions

12 Things To Do Before An Interview

Do you have an interview today? This video shows you what you need to do to get ready. Some pointers are obvious but easily forgotten. Hide those tattoos. Be on time. Mute your cell phone. Etc. But just in case your cell phone does go off, Andy Teach, host of the YouTube channel FromGradToCorp, shows you how to recover.
View here


The Exact Words to Use When Negotiating Salary

Getting tongue tied when an employer makes you an offer could cost you a lot of money in salary compensation. Blogger and money guru Rebecca Thorman tells you exactly what you need to say, word for word, to avoid leaving money on the table.
Read Rebecca Thorman's advice here

The Truth About Resumes in One Amazing Infographic

Did you know that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a resume...and 1 in 2 candidates tell flat out lies? If resume guides make you anxious, then this colorful, entertaining infographic is for you.
View the graphic here

Drug Tests for Job Applicants: Know Your Rights

Don't be surprised when you're on the verge of getting hired and you're asked to take a drug test. Drug testing is intrusive, state and federal laws put some limits on when, how, and whether it can be done.
Attorney Lisa Guerin explains your rights.

4 Lies (and 1 Truth) About Applicant Tracking Systems

You may not realize it but increasingly sophisticated applicant tracking systems (ATS) scan resumes for keywords. So how do you know whether to write for a person or a computer? Janet Aschkenasy of DailyWorth, gives you an insiders look at how companies really handle your resume.
Learn more about tracking systems here.

2 Questions You Should Ask Before Leaving Your Job Interview

Truth be told, employers tend to judge you by what you say and how you act as much as they do by your resume. Recruiter Tony Beshara reveals the two questions you must ask as you're leaving an interview in order to make you standout from the competition.
Read more here.


10 Best Retail Companies To Work For Right Now

In the long run it pays to focus your job search on companies where they treat their employees well. Here are the top 10 retailers you want to work for. Costco is #1 and Nordstrom Rack is #2. Both have stores nationwide but are headquartered in Seattle.
Check out the other 8 in this Forbes Magazine report.

Five Ways to Do Better in Phone Interviews

Mom and Dad never told you how to act on a phone interview because until 8 years ago they were pretty rare. But now phone interviews are quite common. If you haven't had some coaching, don't panic.
You can learn the 5 essentials of phone interviewing from legendary career blogger Penelope Trunk.

10 Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

You hate networking, but you know you need to do it if you want to get a job. So how do you overcome your resistance to networking? Eric Barker, creator of the widely followed Barking Up The Wrong Tree blog tells you exactly what do: ten tips with ten serious in-depth explanations.
Don't miss this!

Say Thank You, Even If You Don't Get Hired: 13 Sample Letters.

Even if you don't get the job, you still need to send a thank you letter when you find out you were rejected. Many times the person who hires doesn't work out, and employers turn to rejected applicant to fill the position. The person who writes a thank you note for both the interview and the rejection goes to the head of the line!
Ireland's sample letters make it easy.

10 Best-paying Jobs for High School Graduates

Even without a college degree you can earn $60, $70 up to $80 thousand per year if you target the right industries. In this special report Alexander Kent and Robert Serenbetz reveal who pays the most, who's growing and where the jobs are.
Read the report here.


How to Find Your Next Job Using Facebook

Inside tips from friends about jobs opening up at their companies have always been the best source of leads that turn into hires.
Recruiter Stephanie LeViet shows how Facebook can be a tremendous tool in your job search.

Why You Didn't Get the Job: 10 Reasons Outside of Your Control

It's not always about you. There are many reasons you might not get hired that are outside of your control. Susan P. Joyce at Work Coach Cafe gives you 10 good reasons not to beat up on yourself.
Read the 10 reasons

35 Overlooked Tricks for Job Seekers Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the first stop for recruiters looking to fill open positions fast. Don't just sit back and wait to be found.
HubSpot blogger Pamela Vaughan outlines 35 ways you can use LinkedIn to beat out your competitors.

15 Quick Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Here are 15 strategies that are as powerful as they are simple. If you are rushed for time and you feel your job search is beginning to lose focus, use this concise cheat sheet from career expert Alison Doyle.
View the cheat sheet.

10 Job Hunting Myths that Could Be Holding You Back

If you're having a tough time in your job search (and who doesn't) it may be because you are operating with faulty assumptions.
Kiplinger's Erin Burt may have just the reality check you need.

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