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About MyJobHelper

About MyJobHelper

MyJobHelper.com is one of the fastest growing job sites in the world. Launched in 2013, MyJobHelper.com has attracted over 12,000,000 job seekers and tens of thousands of employers have been featured on our site. In 2015, MyJobHelper.com was recognized by the American Business Awards as a Best Website Award Winner.

Our mission is simple. To help job seekers find jobs faster and more easily than any other site, and to help employers reach qualified, serious job seekers.

We keep our site and processes simple, because finding a job should be as easy as possible. And finding the right candidate shouldn't cost as much as it did when we were worrying about Y2K. Technology and the Internet have improved. And our users and employers' should benefit from those advances.

MyJobHelper.com succeeds based on our users' satisfaction with our service. Be sure to let us know what you think, where we can improve and how we can help you find your next great job.
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